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Tooling International Ltd is proud to adhere to the Würth philosophy of

Qualität überschlägt Preis ~ Quality above Price

We have no desire to be the cheapest in the market; our aim is to supply you with a consistently reliable, high-quality product and service that outperforms any of our rivals and renders us the most competitive in the market. TIL profitability ensures the longevity of our business and supplier arrangements with you by virtue of re-investment in the following areas: We have a dedicated resource in such functions as:
  • Quality & Inspection
  • Research & Development
  • Tool-Room
  • Operations
  • IT & ECommerce
We are proactive in Continuous Improvement, Customer Service and Diversification with a view to leading from the front in terms of positively influencing the future engineering possibilities of header & recess tooling and measuring equipment. We focus tirelessly on Process, Materials, Coatings and Geometry in order to optimise customer manufacturing performance, metal-flow and tool-life. We are bold pioneers of new and effective product and bring never-seen-before products to market and we invest in the latest highly-skilled personnel, technologies, plant and equipment in order to safeguard this policy.

Our aim:
  • Correct product TIL
  • Correct specification TIL
  • Correct quality TIL
  • Correct place TIL
  • Correct time TIL

We work within the framework of the accredited ISO 9001 certified controls and are proud to be associated, as a tooling licensee of both Acument Global Technologies, with the supply of the Torx® and Torx Plus® recess tooling and also of Phillips Screw Company with the supply of ACR®, Torq Set®, Tri Wing®, Phillips II ACR® and Phillips Square Drive®

Our Service Degree and Product Quality are consistently ranked as Grade A amongst many of our exacting, high-precision customers

latest news

Teudeloff is our exclusive global partner for recess tooling....
Teudeloff GmbH & Co. KG, a German based company is our exclusive global partner for recess tooling. Teudeloff is well known in the European Fastener market. They will now market our recess tooling in the USA as well.


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